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Puppy care

Puppy Care

Looking for training and socialization for your puppy?  Feeling over your head and in need of some assistance? You’re in luck! 
SF Hound Lounge’s puppy care options are available for dogs as young as 8 weeks old.


Standard puppy care for dogs who have received their 2nd round of shots is available for our regular daycare rates (see rates page of this website).  We regulate puppy play with positive reinforcement for being good. We don’t allow excessive barking, chewing, etc.


Three tiers of specialized puppy care are offered at SF Hound Lounge for puppies who are as young as 8 weeks old!  At least 15 days of each tier is suggested but not required.

If your pup is over 15 weeks old you have the option of skipping Tier 1 but he or she must be approved to graduate to each tier thereafter.


Tier 1: Basic Puppy Care & Play

Single Visit - $70
15 Day Package - $975 ($65/day)
25 Day Package - $1,500 ($60/day)
Age range to start: 8 – 15 weeks

- Access to a safe and sanitary play place to socialize with other healthy young pups.
- Structured good, quiet play behavior training.
- Structured nap time in a warm, covered crate.  Quiet nap-time training.
- Hand feeding.
- Monitored people and dog socialization.

This program will also address nuisance behaviors like mouthing, biting and jumping up, and provide him or her with a foundation in crate-training.


Tier 2: Socialization

Single Visit - $80
15 Day Package - $1,115 ($70/day)
25 Day Package - $1,750 ($75/day)
Age range to start: 10 – 15 weeks

- Positive exposure to sights, sounds, and sensations to advance its socialization.
- Daily exercises aimed at preventing resource guarding.
- Socialization with small dogs
- Your puppy will also still receive all of the care options in Tier 1 accept for hand feeding.

Socialization during the critical sensitive period (first 18 weeks) is incredibly important in evolving your dog behaviorally. Proper socialization will help protect your pup against developing fearful and/or aggressive behaviors as an adult.


Tier 3: Training

Single Visit - $90
15 Day Package - $1,275 ($75/day)
25 Day Package - $2,000 ($80/day)
Age range: 15 weeks and above

With this option, your puppy will not only be provided with all of the basic care and socialization he or she was receiving in Tier 2 but fido will also receive training in obedience, focusing on sit, down, stay, recall and on “off”/”take-it” commands.
- Socialization with big dogs


We offer a discount for those who qualify.
Family member in the military? Unique financial challenges?
Submit a photo and tell us your story.