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Professional Grooming

Professional Grooming

SF Hound Lounge is now offering full service grooming!  Our bathing and grooming packages include everything your pet needs to stay happy and healthy.  Your dog will enjoy gentle care, high end shampoos & conditioners and unlimited brushing.  Weather he or she needs a nail trim/file, ear cleaning, anal glands expressed, teeth brushing o fall of the above, we can take care of it in a low stress environment.  Our goal is to make grooming for your pet fun AND affordable! We offer unbeatable monthly packages tailored to your dogs individual needs. We understand that your dog requires grooming in between those haircuts so we make bathing and touch ups extremely affordable.  Our primarily cage free environment will allow your dog to focus on the social aspect of their groom time and minimize their stress level.  Nervous dogs are given the attention they deserve. Seniors are comforted with beds and the ability to relax. Active dogs have space to wag those happy tails. Your dog can enjoy a grooming salon where ALL their grooming grooming needs are met, both physically and mentally.

SF Hound Lounge is now offering fun and affordable grooming! Now your dog can be dropped off at day care and go home looking even better! Day care students now have access to full service grooms, routine brush outs, even daily tooth brushing’s! All of our grooming packages include everything your pet needs to stay healthy and happy. This includes necessary shampoos and conditioners, nail filing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, anal glands expressed, unlimited brushing and necessary trimming! Have multiple dogs in your family? Receive $5 off per dog! We offer unbeatable discounts for monthly grooming and bathing. No matter the breed, get your pup on a grooming schedule today! Our NEW grooming salon is located next door to SF Hound Lounge at 2827 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. The grooming salon is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, every other Sunday, and will accommodate your schedule accordingly! Walk-ins gladly accepted with no time constraints. Stop by and meet our new groomer Ashley Kyle!

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