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There are a multitude of benefits. You’ll see for yourself the joy your dog exhibits when nearing the Lounge’s front door after his or her first few visits. In brief, exposing a dog to a variety of people, dogs, sights and sounds is the definition of socialization. Behaviorists encourage regular socialization and daily exercise for dogs’ overall quality of life and improved behavior.

We provide toys, and ask that you not bring your dog’s own. It’s just too much to ask any dog to share his favorite toy.

Yes, several of the Lounge’s current clients simply enjoy watching the action from the sidelines. They prefer spending the majority of their day being pet and loved by our staff. We’re happy to cater to the lovers of the group.

Yes, Hound Lounge has a small dog area. We also take special care of old or shy dogs.

Our facility is kept clean and surprisingly odor free with a unique cleaning system and a professional cleaning team. We use virucidal/disinfectant solution on messes. Lounge toys are given anti-bacterial baths on a regular basis. Blankets, which we lay down for the dogs to rest on, are always kept clean.

We do not walk awkwardly large groups of dogs. We take the dogs on personalized walks – alone or with a friend or two who are the same size. If your dog is used to being walked on a gentle leader, we walk her using a gentle leader.*

Some dogs just need a little socialization training before meshing in daycare. If your dog is not initially accepted or can’t stay in daycare, it’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean he or she’s not a lovable dog. It simply means daycare is too stressful of a situation for her and she’s better off in a different environment. We have helped coordinate alternate outlets for such dogs.

Many behavior problems are the result of under stimulated dogs. Behavior problems are exhibited both in the presence of owners and/or when a dog is left alone. Such problems include barking, whining, crankiness and/or destruction of property. Dog Daycare can help a frustrated dog owners’ problems. Dogs, being pack animals by nature, can become agitated, unhappy and ornery when they have too much solitary time.

* Each dog is not walked everyday; for instance when weather is not permitting.