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Cage Free Dog Boarding

Cage Free Dog Boarding

Our overnight guests are allowed to socialize with other dogs and the staff all day! They play in the play area – they’re taken on walks – they nap on beds. At night, the dogs stay in the loft. They are not left alone over night! If your dog prefers sleeping in a crate, we can accommodate him or her. SF Hound Lounge is known for its dog care services because after we’ve had the time to get to know our clients, they often become an extension of our family.

Because we are a cage free boarding facility we have certain requirements to ensure the dogs that stay with us are completely safe and happy. See the process for becoming a client, below.

Due to our careful screening procedures,

we only cater to those who live in San Francisco or visit on a regular basis.

Beginning The Process

  1. First, come in for a meet and greet session (interview). During the session, we answer questions you may have and meet your dog. If necessary, we conduct a temperament test. We also review your pet personality profile and confirm that your dog is current on his or her vaccinations. There is a $15 interview fee.
  2. The next step is to bring your dog for a full day of daycare before scheduling his or her first overnight. The daycare visit is an opportunity for your dog to become familiar with the facility and for us to become familiar with him or her. After completing this step SF Hound Lounge can be your dog’s home away from home.

What To Bring

  • Food is the only thing required. We can keep cold or frozen food cold till feeding time. We can also heat up meals. Can’t bring your own food? We will take care of it for $2.50 a meal.
  • Bedding is not necessary. We wash and dry all our blankets and bedding every day, so each of our guests has a fresh place to rest the head each evening
  • Toys are not necessary. Because we are not a kennel, please do not bring toys. SF Hound Lounge has enough toys for all to share.
  • Please do not bring Rawhides, Bones or your own Bowls.


Boarding: $75 per night (daycare included). There's an additional $25 fee if picked up after 11am.
Medicine: Complimentary medication distribution.
Feedings: Complimentary.
Walks: Complimentary.

Weekday Drop Off

Drop-off by noon on weekdays and weekends unless there’s an approved special circumstance.

“The folks at SF Hound Lounge are amazing! They truly take care of your dog!”  –C. Hutton

Note: Some restrictions apply

At SF Hound Lounge, we offer cage-free dog boarding so that your furry friend will be cared for even when you’re away. After the interview and processing requirements, your pooch can have a home away from home by just setting a boarding appointment.

Our sprawling 7000 square foot facility is known for providing a wonderful cage-free dog boarding environment in the San Francisco Bay Area. With recent awards for day care and boarding, you can be sure that our dog boarding services are unparalleled. You will have the peace of mind that your beloved dog is being attended to by trained professionals in a safe and secure environment.

Email us at or call us at 415-255-1170 to schedule an interview.